Standard of Safety Tokyo Sensor offers tape switches and its speciality products
to those who require safety and/or anti-crime measures.


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Switch Products

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Announcement for the change of type number and specification from October 2017
  • NEWS
18/07/02 Announcement of new management setup
17/02/03 Announcement for the change of specification
Due to an updated RoHS2 directive added new categories to the list of affected end products, we plan to change some specific material in compliance with the RoHS2 directive.
We have to change the type number due to this RoHS2 directive.
For 2-wire-type, lead wire color will also have some change.
16/10/07 New product E21BK0
We would like to introduce our brand new Large Edge switch "E21BK0".
16/09/28 Japan Robot Week 2016
You can see and touch our products at Japan Robot Week 2016 at Tokyo Big Site.
The date: Oct. 19 to 21
Place: East 3 Hall Booth R-10, at Tokyo Big Site
16/07/13 New product E20BK0
We would like to introduce our brand new Edge switch "E20BK0".
It's on at the end.

The Distributor in Korea :Sam Sin Sensor Co., Ltd.

The Distributor in Taiwan :Chang An Co., Ltd.

The Distributor in China :Shanghai Mightway Trade & Development Co., Ltd.